As we let our light shine...

we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others. - Marianne Williamson

Catalina Camping

On the 11th I’ll turn 27. Last year we celebrated in Catalina on a camping trip and this year we’re off to revisit the site and enjoy the beauty of such an unspoiled location. Supplies for the trip – all important Ritz crackers, cookies, trail mix, coffee and wine! Loading the cooler. The ride to
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My brothers Jeffrey and Justice play music with my cousin Jarrod on Fridays at Grandpa Johnson’s in Hollywood. I was there last night with friends and saw two other cool bands play, Summer a Underground and The Things. Here’s a glimpse:  

Modeling audition

Reaping the benefits of my French/English/Cherokee heritage in the hopes that someone will pay me to look good with whatever the  heck they wanna sell.

Halle Berry's Graduation Speech

I had the pleasure of shooting the 2016 graduating class of Baron Brown Acting Studio’s this past Friday night. Halle Berry was the speaker and I was fortunate enough to meet the Oscar winning actress after her speech.

Incogo filming Limbitless

Today was the first of filming New Zealander and Incogo Ambassador Jess Quinn for her Incogo featurette. Director Reymond VillaSenor and I caught up with Jess at  The Mondrian in LA, where we did the first part of interior filming. Jess was dynamite to work with. A real trooper even with Reymond shoving himself well
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Jason Garriotte shoot

Did a photo shoot with folk singer Jason Garriotte to celebrate his newest single, “Wonder”, produced by bro Jef Joslin. Here’s the You Tube lyric video. Very inspirational a song that’s truly for the people.

Sweet Cheezzus

Inspired by a recent market-trip I decided to make these for lunch a couple of days ago. Don’t judge my junk food.

Filming in Yosemite

When the opportunity presented itself to film Incogo founding member Chelsea Yamase climbing cliffs in Yosemite; Reymond and I were pretty much like, oh yeah, hang me off the sheer rock face so we can shoot. Ok, truth was that was me. Reymond’s able to direct from a safer distance, so there I was laying
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Discovery Channel

Behind the scenes photos of my gig on How Stuff Works. The guy playing Washington is my Dad, Jeff Joslin. Here I am as badass Eratosthenes, a Greek astronomer from Hellenistic Libya (276–194 BC), estimated Earth’s circumference around 240 BC. He had heard that in Syene the Sun was directly overhead at the summer solstice whereas
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